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Belts That Hold Up

The humble belt is easily one of the most understated pieces that a guy can have in his closet. Often overlooked in favor of shirts, trousers and even shoes, belts provide an undeniable advantage to the fashionable man. Belts are often tucked away, hidden by coats or shirts, but a smart + stylish belt can instantly improve your look.

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Refine Your Look

Our range of handcrafted genuine leather belts and elevated fabric belts help perfect your look, giving you effortless style that is always comfortable + polished. Arm your wardrobe with the subtle distinction of a finely crafted belt. Making an impression becomes a lot easier with one of our timeless, everyday damen + hastings belts.

Stop Wasting Time

We know you put a lot of effort into choosing the right pieces for your outfit. However, why waste any time on your belts? Looking fashionable isn’t easy. However, we aim to take some effort out of it with our range of quality belts for men Easily find the perfect one from our collection of quality leather belts.

Re-Discover Natural Leather

Discover the beauty of natural leather once again with our leather belts for men.  There’s no denying that men look good with certain leather accessories. Our handcrafted leather belts are one of them.

Enjoy Flexibility

Why go hunting for the right belt every time you step out? Pairing our premium quality belts for men is easy thanks to a diverse range of clothes that give the perfect look for every occasion. We aim to create belts that can work with more than one outfit, providing you with the flexibility to dress how you want.

Leather that Lasts

Experience the resilience and durability of high quality leather in your daily life. Use them for months and years, and they will still look as amazing as the day you first brought them.

No Limits

Why limit yourself to just leather? Gone are the days when only leather belts were cool and came only in brown or black. Choose from elegant options like suede and fabric to spruce up your wardrobe. Step out from the shadows of black or brown leather belts with different color options. Backed by years of experience in the leather industry, Damen + Hastings take pride in each of our products. With skills honed in creating the finest leather goods, our professionals approach each belt with a mind on the needs of modern lifestyles. Our belts come infused with old world craftsmanship and heritage, allowing each to stand out on its own. Go on. Take a look. Discover the perfect belt for you!

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