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Year Round Accessories - The Addison Utility Pouch

Year Round Accessories - The Addison Utility Pouch

We love an accessory that can go the distance from morning to night. Even more so, we love one that works well at all times of the year. Spring to Fall and Fall to Spring, the addison utility pouch remains to be a smart year round accessory. It's versatile in it's use, works great as a gift because of it's versatility and acts as a necessity in many of it's functions. Did we mention, it's grey. Grey may be basic, but grey is good.

Use it as a work organizer to store personal items + tech gear. Work can be one of the biggest stressors in life. Fortunately, with a little organization stress can be partially eliminated. The pouch provides storage beyond what you normally carry on your person. There's space for a small notebook + things that you just don't want to keep sitting on in your back pocket. The streamlined style makes it great for any biz casual environment and can be used as a compact one stop shop at your desk.

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Wear it as a small carry-on and pack it with plane essentials. Flying is the perfect need for the Addison pouch. If you're a window seat guy, you'll especially thank yourself for the ease of having everything in one place during flight. You may be all about the carry-on only, but a smaller carry-on within your carry-on may be the best thing since sliced bread. Leave the extra stuff in overhead and keep the necessities contained within the seat back pocket within arm's reach. 

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Pack the pouch as a grooming kit and personalize the exterior. A clean and simple accessory is just what you need when it comes to a classic item like a men's grooming kit. The combo of the canvas outer shell + slimmer shape of the Addison utility pouch presents more modern than a traditional toiletry kit. The toughness, yet flexible nature of the canvas allows for a touch of personalization. Pin away! Check out our Pin It Like You Mean It guide to see more on that. 

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