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What We Love | October Edition

What We Love | October Edition

All about Fall. Hockey masks and regular old candy bars didn’t quite make the cut this month. There are too many other October goodies like our Fall friendly accessories the addison suede belt + the logan bracelet set. For all of our Halloween lovers out there we did include however, the Dremel rotary tool - handy for when it comes to carving pumpkins. As for candy, we're all about the delectably beautiful Maggie Louise confections. 

Cozy up. We’re curling up this Fall in our favorite Buck Mason sweats, U.S. army blanket and digging our noses into a new book. First up on our reading list, Eat, Drink, Nap. The title says it all. And, be it indoors or out we’ll be wearing our latest and greatest walcott beanie which is both soft + water resistant. 

Feel good all around. It’s never too early in the season to bring the cheer. Whether giving or getting, we like to feel good on the inside and out. We’re tidying up our look this season with our new sheffield skinny solid tie in scrumptious Fall colors + hitting the workout even harder with the pretty cool Everlast Smart Fit Bluetooth jump rope.

All about Fall: d+h logan bracelet setDremel rotary tool with pumpkin carving kit bonus + d+h addison suede belt Breville the Custom loaf bread maker + d+h evergreen print tie + Maggie Louise confections

Cozy Up: Buck Mason sweats + d+h walcott water resistant ribbed beanie + Eat, Drink, Nap book + U.S army blanket

Feel good all around: d+h Sheffield skinny solid tie + Oars + Alps beard oil + d+h limited edition card case wallet +  CharityChoice gift donation + Smart Fit Bluetooth jump rope


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