What We Love - February Edition

There will always be birthdays, anniversaries, and all kinds of celebrations going on. That's why we want to share "what we love" each month to give you a little boost in staying on top of your gift giving game. We'll be sharing products from lifestyle brands we think are pretty cool and, of course, d+h accessories will be in the mix too.

Be sure to find our product within each edition tagged with our iconic scissor mark. Direct links to products can be found in the key below.

Happy shopping!

1. Greats leather sneakers 2. Shaving experience 3. d+h elston nested pouch set 4. Stantt casual button-ups 5. d+h kedzie grid tie  6. d+h racine card case 7. apple AirPods 8. Yeti soft cooler 9. Matty Matheson cookbook 10. Burst electronic toothbrush 11. d+h halsted leather belt 12. Baseball tickets 13. Air fryer 14. Dinner out 15. Vuori joggers 16. Peloton

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“For me, Damen + Hastings is a brand for guys who care about looking good and feeling good about what they wear and less about what’s the trend of the moment.

They value fit, quality and versatility above everything, so that’s what we set out to create.” 

~ Trevor, Senior Designer of Wallets + Travel