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What To Wear Graduation Style

What To Wear Graduation Style

1. belmont stripe tie   2. addison suede belt  3. dearborn bifold wallet with removable money clip 

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The graduation ceremony - Go for a dress shirt + tie and dark trousers unless otherwise informed by the university. Keep a blazer nearby for photos with Grandma, but during the ceremony opt for the cooler style and exclude a jacket. Have a slim wallet in your front pocket with business cards for any last minute contact sharing before heading off campus for good.

1. wells fabric belt   2. elston bracelet set   3. addison twill baseball cap

The graduation celebration - It's your party so wear what you want to... Lean on the more casual side of things, especially if the grad party takes place outdoors, a laid back restaurant or in the comfort of your parent's home. Fabric and denim belts are great for shorts in warmer May/June/July months. A bracelet stack brings a stylish element to party worthy basic tees and favorable sneaks or flip flops.

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Interviews + first impressions - Professionalism is key to all job interviews. Though many work places have become more casual in the regular day to day, professional attire is still very important in making a great first impression. Suit + tie is the best way to go. Match dress shoes with dress belt and never forget to appear organized. Steam/iron all clothing and always keep a pen and notebook on hand.

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