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Slim, But Fitting Wallets

Slim, But Fitting Wallets

Compact wallet constructions can be quite fitting (pun intended). Pant trends have trimmed over the years, which in turn provides less space for a wallet to slide in and out of a pant pocket. Smaller and slimmer has become better. It’s no question that our lives have cultivated a society that functions well with slimmer silhouettes. With everything accessible through mobile devices and a credit card chip, there has become less and less that a guy needs to carry everyday. Venmo and Uber beg the argument, “Who really needs cash anyway?”. That being said, cash remains easier when grabbing a coffee at a bodega or tipping a bellhop. For those with kids, the Tooth Fairy is still very much alive and well. 


Photo by @hisootd featuring the d+h dearborn bifold wallet with removable money clip


So, maybe we aren’t fully ready to eliminate the Benjamins, just yet anyhow. A wallet sizable enough to assist in the needs we still have is a must. Public transportation often requires some sort of card for access and there are quite a few shoppers out there that love their on hand Kohl’s Cash and endless Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Not everyone downloads things electronically through an app or saves an airline ticket to the iPhone wallet. A little extra room in an otherwise slim leather handcrafted wallet goes a long way. 

Shop our favorite wallet styles with thoughtfully designed constructions that hold more, but feel like less. 

d+h elston extra capacity slim fold wallet 

d+h sedgwick bifold wallet

d+h belmont extra capacity trifold wallet

video featuring addison duo fold wallet

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