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Utility Pouch - Work Edition

Utility Pouch - Work Edition

Work can be one of the biggest stressors in life. Between deadlines, tight timelines and accomplishing goals, there is never an end to the hustle. Fortunately our team has a few recs on what can make a big difference on leveling down the Sunday jitters and keeping on task in a functional + organized manner.



ORGANIZATION is key. Using an in-office work kit like the d+h addison utility pouch will keep essential office must haves in one place. This is both practical + easy, whether you store the necessity in your desk or use it on the go from coffee run to conference room.

So, what goes into this pouch resulting in some work stress relief? It’s a no brainer that your cell phone belongs in the pouch. Use your phone for more than just mobile email access and phone calls. If you haven't already incorporated MEDITATION into your daily routine, we highly recommend it. Just a few minutes a day can help you gain some clarity and much needed focus in your hectic head. Try the free app Headspace. Download to your phone and pick two minutes daily to decompress. 

WRITE IT DOWN. It may seem obvious, but all too often it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and assure one self that your memory will prevail. Not only write it down, but document it well. Include dates, times and contacts for full proof notes on any meeting or memorable conversation. Making to-do lists and crossing off the to-dos as they become complete will inevitably help you stay accountable for the tasks at hand. Personalized pens make note taking a little more fun and as for the notebook, we’re digging this pocket size Moleskine which fits great in the addison pouch. Post-its are a small and handy item, too. 

HYGIENE + appearance is important in life, but unmistakably a top priority professionally speaking. A comb and lint roller will come in handy. Opt out of onions in the salad and forego the sauce dripping meatball sandwich at lunch or be sure to keep a Tide To Go stick, breath mints and a tooth brush nearby. 

SELF CARE is a must and can mean a lot of things including the above mentioned hygiene, but this also includes simple things that make you happy. Store a picture of your beau in your wallet or maybe pack a few Hershey Kisses as a sweet afternoon “pick me up”. Have ear pods on hand for not only a walk + talk work call, but also a silent jam session while Excel-ing away.

What’s your go-to work de-stressors? Let us know in the comments below.


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