The d+h Traveling Hat

We love a work-life balance and jump at any opportunity to explore the world outside the confines of our computer desks and cutting tables. We live for a long weekend to explore + regenerate. Family and friend vacations are pretty spectacular and so are work trips traveling overseas somewhere fascinating to material source or trend spot. We find it in our mission to discover new places to continue driving our imagination and evolution for design day in and day out.

Come along on our next trip and bring us along on yours. Tag our addison twill baseball cap on instagram with #dhtravelinghat. We look forward to seeing where you take us!

photo by: @itsemanlopez



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“For me, Damen + Hastings is a brand for guys who care about looking good and feeling good about what they wear and less about what’s the trend of the moment.

They value fit, quality and versatility above everything, so that’s what we set out to create.” 

~ Trevor, Senior Designer of Wallets + Travel