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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

We asked a few of our design collective members to pick a d+h accessory to best suit their Thanksgiving traditions. It took a little asking around before anyone admitted to styling their Thanksgiving look with the ultimate Turkey Day accessory, the Wells Fabric Stretch Belt. However, there was no shy mention of what our d+h dogs would be wearing. 

“We’re celebrating this Thanksgiving with our new pup Duke – a one year old Bloodhound mix. He’s a rescue that had a tough start to life, but is now as happy as can be and ridiculously spoiled. Our first nice purchase for Duke was the Limited Edition Standard Dog Collar locally made in Chicago out of premium Horween leather. He’ll be wearing his size Large collar to Fairfield, Connecticut where he’ll most likely try to steal Thanksgiving dinner off of my sister’s dining room table, so we’ll be on high alert, holding his collar tight.” - Susan, Senior Manager of Content

Most of our team is headed in + around Chicago or somewhere East Coast. Though, that’s not where we all grew up.

“Growing up in Bangladesh, Thanksgiving was never really a celebrated holiday for me nor my family. Until, I came to the States. It has become a tradition for me to tag along with my friends who do celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, I am celebrating Thanksgiving with my friend’s family in New Jersey where the food is plenty and celebrations go on until at least 2am. In the event I miss the last bus back to NY, I’ll have my Elston Nested Pouch Set handy and packed with my toiletries, makeup and charger(s). Here’s to new traditions!” - Raida, Graphic Designer

From crafting cool cocktails to throwing around a football in the cold, we’re all in for a pretty chill day. We’re thankful to stuff ourselves with stuffing and to have great family and friends to do it all with.

“Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without heading outside in the cold with friends and family to toss around a football before Thanksgiving dinner. I'll be wearing the Logan Wide Cuff Marled Knit Beanie.” - Trevor, Director of Design, Wallets + Travel 

“My boyfriend and I always road trip back to the Midwest, from the East Coast, for four chaotic family Christmases, so for Thanksgiving we stay & chill out in Brooklyn. This year, I’m making thyme-infused simple syrup for cocktails, and taking it over to a friend’s house. I’ll be bringing the limited edition coaster set (soon to launch - stay tuned!) as a hostess gift, and customizing with her nickname embossed on them.” - Davina, VP of Design + Merchandising 

And that’s how we do Thanksgiving. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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