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Sling + Wrap + Strap

Sling + Wrap + Strap

A versatile accessory that gets you through more than one of the many motions in life, is A+ in our book. Our racine sling pack is designed to functionally aid in an assortment of activities, all the while maintaining a cool kid appeal. Sling it crossbody for a quick workout. Wrap it around the waist for your next venture out with the pup or strap it over the shoulder for a bustling commute.




S L I N G  I T

A productive workout is having all the right gear on hand, like a sweat rag at the finish line. We also know the importance of avoiding stuffing everything, but the kitchen sink into your running short pockets. We get it. Our solution comes in the size of what we would similarly describe as a mini backpack. The racine sling pack easily hangs over the shoulder, wraps around the chest + adjustably straps into a firm position so that you can run that extra mile without feeling any discomfort.


W R A P  I T

Dog lovers have one thing in common. We will do anything for our four legged friends, even if that means slugging all the toys to the dog park. Before we know it we’ve packed what feels like a full on diaper bag for the dog. Really, a sling pack is all that’s needed. The racine is fit to wrap + strap easily around the waist with front zip ASAP access to doggy bags and plenty of additional space for Fido’s treats.


S T R A P  I T

Commuting to work can be long and weathering or it can be short and smooth depending on the drive, bike or walk. So, let’s be real. A briefcase is not always the best and most comfortable way to tote your things back and forth to work. We know what it’s like to take the "L" during rush hour, so we’ve worked on perfecting our commute by strapping on the racine for ease of travel with an extra hand free for coffee. The bike to work crowd scores extra with the ability to strap directly onto the bike and being strain free of even the lightest of packs.


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