Shirt Eaters

It's not uncommon to hear the phrase "shirt eater" in our office. Don't worry, our team doesn't eat shirts for breakfast. It's simply a necktie that matches a lot of shirt options. We like to think that any tie that goes well with a variety of button downs, is as partial to shirts as a carnivore to a juicy steak. A tie that goes well with solids, stripes, and plaid patterns in a variety of colors is a near perfect necktie in our books. 

Check out our favorite d+h shirt eaters this season. They go great with a plain white dress shirt + pair fair with a handful of other pattern shirts that will surely prove to be a useful addition to the closet.

the kedzie grid tie in navy blue worn by @serge_dalle

shop the sedgwick check tie 

shop the belmont stripe tie


shop the wells stripe tie

shop all featured dress and casual shirts by Knot Standard + Stantt

For more matching tips refer to our Neckwear Notes for our neckwear styling system.

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“For me, Damen + Hastings is a brand for guys who care about looking good and feeling good about what they wear and less about what’s the trend of the moment.

They value fit, quality and versatility above everything, so that’s what we set out to create.” 

~ Trevor, Senior Designer of Wallets + Travel