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Designer Spotlight Q&A

Designer Spotlight Q&A

Describe the overall brand vision for Damen + Hastings?

Trevor: For me, in the simplest of terms, Damen + Hastings is a brand for guys who care about looking good and feeling good about what they wear, but don’t care about fashion, what’s trendy or standing out. They value fit, quality and versatility over trend.

What makes D+H different and sets D+H apart from other menswear brands/lines?

Trevor: Damen + Hastings is not a fashion brand that is also making accessories. We are an accessories brand where that is our total focus. We don’t have to adjust what we are doing to seasonal trend and graphics. Because of this, we can make more timeless and still versatile product. Any specific points of inspiration for D+H?

Trevor: We certainly look at a trend of guys wearing a uniform to work and simplifying his outfits and what's in his closet. I look at it as an evolution of Silicone Valley. At first this guy wore a sweatshirt and t-shirt and then I feel like it evolved and it was still important to dress up a bit and look presentable. Yet, there still remains the attitude of not needing too many items and not having to think too hard about what to wear. We can take core items from any brand and create a wardrobe out of that and then from there we make it applicable to mens accessories.

What is your design process?

Trevor: I start by collecting inspiration from my everyday life, traveling or reading my favorite daily design blogs. From there I’ll pull together a mood board that gives the look and feel I want to achieve along with specific details I like. I use that to keep going back to as I am designing to make sure I stay on track and not forget important small details. I bounce ideas off other designers and like to get their comments and ideas along the way. 

What's your go to blog?

Trevor: I look at Valet daily. It has five links to something that is usually fashion related or something that guys are generally into. I like that one because it sends me to a few links a day.

What are some ways that the wallet, travel and headwear products provide a solution for commuting, working, down time or going out?

Trevor: We developed a wide variety of wallets that are meant to fit a variety of lifestyles. I can’t say we have a wallet or hat that is meant for one activity, and it’s not meant to be. You can use one of our card cases in your front t-shirt pocket, inside the pocket of your suit or take with you on a run. We added some security through hidden pockets and RFID (RFID - Radio Frequency Identification is a barrier in wallets that secures information that cannot be read. ) which is great for being in public spots like commuting on the train. You can wear our classic baseball slightly dressed up or on the weekends running to the store. 

What is your favorite D+H product?

Trevor: I’ve been wear testing our wallets and I love the slim card cases. I’ve started carrying only what I really need and use and I love being able to throw it in my front pocket just as easily as the back of my jeans. The addison utility pouch is also pretty great for traveling. I can keep lots of cables, chargers and few other necessities for traveling in a compact nice looking pouch. 


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