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New Year's Style Resolutions + Solutions

New Year's Style Resolutions + Solutions

1. Experiment more regularly with subtle color. Navy + Burgundy fall in the subtle range. 

2. Wear jewelry aside from just a watch. Bracelets add a nice touch of style.

3. Convert from a briefcase to a modern everyday bag. What do you think of the new limited edition record tote bag?

4. Try wearing a baseball hat that doesn't have a team logo. The Addison is a good start. 

5. Get new luggage. We really like Away.

6. Take at least one fashion risk.

7. Wear beanies year round. We suggest the Wolcott for any time of year.

8. Invest in quality over quantity. Shop our limited edition collection.

9. Get organized when traveling. The elston nested pouch set will help with that.

10. Find the right fit in a belt + pants. Shop a belt of choice + select size to see our fit guide.

11. Don’t be scared of the sneaker + suit look. We think Greats are great.

12. Help style Dad. Gift him something he may not buy for himself like this leather zipper pouch.

13. Take a cue from Dad. Sometimes it suits you best to dress up. Shop the kinzie leather dress belt.

14. Update with new basics like socks, white tee shirts + underwear when necessary.

15. Don’t commit to only black or only brown. Wear both - sometimes even together. 

16. Wear more pattern + prints. How about the Haddon Longhorn tie?

17. Find the right wallet fit. Only you can decide on this one. Shop all small leather goods.

18. Carry less in the wallet, whatever construction it may be. If you do opt larger with a trifold, don’t overstuff it. 

19. Dress to impress, but don't focus solely on what others think.

20. Include trend items in the wardrobe, but don’t overdo it. A few noticeable pieces can go a long way, like these pins.

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