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Neckwear Notes

Neckwear Notes

Thankfully, Alexa and Google have made it that much easier to learn how to tie a tie. Neckwear requires being in the know. It all starts with understanding how to tie a tie, but there is quite a bit beyond the knot that is useful knowledge.  1. Did you know that when a tie is tied around your neck, the tip is meant to end and land just at your belt buckle and pant button? If you're an extra tall fellow you may need to shop for an XL tie to achieve the proper length.

2. Each tie has a batting, which is a lining that is placed within the outer materials. The lining is what gives the tie thickness and substance. The thinner the filler, the more likely you may consider your tie a trend or of lesser quality. The thicker the lining, the more likely you'll have a chunky knot or potential difficulty in tying the tie. 

3. Another component of the necktie is the tipping. The tipping is the exposed fabrication seen on the backside tip of the tie. Oftentimes, it is a solid contrasting fabrication to the tie's main material and printed with the brand logo. The logo is also sometimes displayed as an additional label near the tie loop or somewhere towards the back tip of the tie.

4. When it comes to traveling with your neckwear, simply fold the tie in half and roll from the smaller end to the wider end. If you roll your tie it will help prevent wrinkling just like other clothing and accessories items when packing. For example, shirts + belts. Pack your tie inside one of our  d+h elston flat nested pouches for extra organization. In a pinch, even a plastic baggie will do. Check out our travel tips post for more information on packing accessories for travel. 

5. If you are not sure what tie matches your shirt, we have a few tips. There are endless possibilities, but we recommend trying out one of the combos noted in our styling tips above + our  shirt eaters style guide.

6. Don't get hung up on the material makeup of a tie. Sometimes, neckwear with a little polyester or rayon helps to prevent wrinkling and may intentionally be used to create a wintery or summery feel and look for the tie. 

7. Lastly, if you decide to add an accessory to your tie such as a tie bar, be sure to place it somewhere in line between the top part of your suit jacket pocket and the bottom part of the pocket. Not higher or lower. There is also the more famously known advice that a tie bar belongs between the third and fourth button on your shirt. 

Check out our “d+h how to tie a tie chart & styling tips" above. For more neckwear notes please share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below. 


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