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Meet The Collective

Meet The Collective

Damen + Hastings is a brand that was created and developed by a group of designers; a collective creative team that specializes in leather goods like wallets and belts as well as neckwear, headwear, and jewelry. Each having worked on hundreds of brands in their respective fields, the collective is passionate about pushing boundaries + challenging everything.

"Our collective includes designers from Chicago + NYC, and when we first put our heads together, we discovered a need for a more relevant, yet approachable, solution based brand that blew up the traditional norms. We set out to build a brand that would become part of our target customer's life, whether that meant providing style guidance, drawing inspiration from the music he likes, or creating product that he can take from work to happy hour." - Davina, VP of Design + Merchandising

Davina Scharrer, VP of Merchandising + Design

Damen + Hastings has become an exciting new venture where the team is able to put all of their experience into work without any guardrails. “It’s been awesome to be a part of developing a brand that I truly believe in; both in quality and look. We are doing some new things we have never tried before which, as a designer, is always fun." - Trevor, Senior Designer of Wallets + Travel

Design Collective

Collaboration is key at D+H, as the team strives to bounce good ideas off one another, whether the idea comes from someone directly within the same product category or if the idea stems from one accessory group and then continues to grow, develop and link to another accessory group within the brand. At the end of the day, all designers have the same interest in mind.

 “This is a brand about necessary details, multi lifestyle, making dressing easy, and elevated basics. We want to make the brand a success and help the consumer live effortlessly while we walk away from work everyday feeling pride in what we do.” -Davina 

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