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Meet Jason - Design Collective Q+A

Meet Jason - Design Collective Q+A

Meet Jason, our expert Senior Sourcing Coordinator of belts. He's been with our team from the very beginning and leads by great example, sharing his passion for beautiful and well made product. When we asked him more about what goes on behind the scenes in the sourcing department it was no secret that he takes his job very seriously, with a side of laughs here and there. 

d+h: What is "sourcing"? 

Sourcing is responsible for approving products for production and setting up style numbers in the system as soon as a style is adopted into the line. We work with vendors to assure trims and materials are properly developed and match the expectations we have for each individual product piece. I assure the range of coloration and textures in the leathers are acceptable and I review every small detail on the belt to make sure stitching is correct and logo stampings are accurately placed.

d+h: Are there any unique responsibilities related to sourcing for d+h? 

With d+h, we have had the opportunity to be more hands on and collaborative with the merchandising teams from the beginning of the product development process - reviewing first protos and keeping a closer eye and more attention to detail. I've had the opportunity to get involved with packaging, reviewing hangers, dustbags, etc. We will soon be launching a capsule collection made in the USA which has allowed me to get more closely involved with local vendors.


d+h: Can you tell us about the materials used in belts?

We use genuine leather for all belts. We are going for something a little more casual, incorporating different finishings like burnishings and textures in suedes and braids.

d+h: What brought you to the team?

I originally studied communications in college, but then got involved in fashion production and sourcing for quite some time. Ultimately, I ended up with an internship that led me to this brand. 

d+h: How do you relate to the brand?

The brand represents quality and I am for quality. I think and relate to the quality and aesthetic our customers are expecting. I don't buy a lot of junk or stuff, so I think the customer appreciates the same.

d+h: How would you describe the brand?

Playful + quality. I think d+h offers classics, but it is also a bit more business casual. There is basic, but there is some fun with color and texture that goes beyond just being classic. The brand serves a need and a want.  

d+h: You are based out of the NY office - does that play a role in your creativity or inspiration?

I really like any creative space for inspiration. In NY I love visiting green spaces and parks like the Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO and anywhere that involves art, fashion and performance art. 

d+h: You have to tell us, what is your favorite restaurant in NY?

Can it be anywhere or does it have to be NY?

d+h: It can be anywhere, but do you have one in NY, too?

In NY my favorite restaurant is called Indochine in Bowery near the East Village. It has French colonial architecture and a very cool ambience. Then, there is this place in Paris that I like, Maison Plisson. It’s a high end grocery store/gourmet deli. Everything is all organic farm to table produce from various parts of France. There is anything from cheese from Normandy, wild caught salmon, couscous that is locally made in the south of France, and butter from a different region. Everything has a label showing where it is from. The owner is passionate about finding local artisanal producers. It has a well invested mission to support farm to table, which is very cool. 

d+h: Social media application of choice?

Pinterest. I can see what is going on right now.  I use it to explore and see what is out there. I discover new brands and new things and use it to find new places to travel. 

d+h: Sounds like you are into traveling. Where to next? 

Morocco this Fall.


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