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Leather Care

Leather Care

We sure do love leather, so when it comes to taking care of our leather accessories we suggest following along with the simplest of do’s and don’ts in order to keep the product looking as handsome as ever.

Storage is a big factor in how leather will hold up. Covering leather accessories with a breathable duster bag when not in use is a great way to preserve the quality and appearance. Leather belts are best lying flat when not in use for longer periods of time. Always keep away from any direct sunlight. Consider a belt hanger for your entire collection to be hung in your closet. Preferably, keep straps coiled with buckle end loose when in transport and traveling, but never twist a belt strap or keep a belt rolled up and buckled. This will cause stretching and misshaping.

Keep leather surfaces away from sharp items. It seems like an obvious one, but even less seemingly sharp items like a belt buckle or the corner of a travel kit may leave a long lasting imprint that doesn’t belong. The softer and smoother the leather, the more impressionable it will be. Oily leathers, pull ups, and heavier grain textures hold up to pressure and rubbing a bit more easily, but nonetheless all textures will show some marks and scratching if exposed to sharp items.

Wipe and massage away minor bruises to leather with a soft cloth and leather conditioner. Always spot clean as needed and follow up periodically with an overall treatment for upkeep. When selecting a leather cleaning product, be sure to read all directions as not all leather cleaners function in the same manner and not all leathers react the same way. It helps to know the make-up of the leather you are treating. Take a look at the stamping on the backside of a belt strap or read the tag inside an interior pocket of a wallet to confirm the type of leather product you are working with. Product pages on websites + manufacturer’s notes can also be a resourceful place to understand how best to care for your specific leather product. Keep in mind, never use steam or other heat sources to dry and clean areas of interest. For major mishaps or damage to leather, search for a nearby artisan that specializes in leather care and can provide extra assistance and repair.

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