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Inside the Utility Pouch - Travel Edition

Inside the Utility Pouch - Travel Edition

When it comes to traveling, organization is key to keeping personal items in check. On a plane, train, or automobile, the shifting of a carry on suitcase and laptop bag can become all too overwhelming when there is a rush to board. Before you know it, the lip balm, eye mask, and Tic Tacs are left behind in a random pocket of a backpack and completely out of reach. 



Our suggestion? Pack the essentials in advance of a trip in a smaller travel item like our d+h addison utility pouch. The functionality of the pouch includes enough storage for a handful of travel must-haves like AirPods and ear plugs and includes interior pockets to safely secure items like a credit card and passport. Forget about the struggle to access payment for a glass of wine in flight or the frantic shuffle to find a piece of gum as you disembark the red eye. Shop the addison utility pouch and all travel accessories here.


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