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Casual Friday Style

Casual Friday Style

Casual Friday can mean a few different things depending on where you work. If you are one of the guys that taps into a conference call from your living room on the daily, then this article need not apply. Chances are, you wear as you wish. For those that work in formal environments or in less reserved office spaces, look no further.

The easiest way to break down casual Friday dressing is to start with the basics like pants, tops, and a jacket. First, decide on jeans, slacks or chinos. Once you have set your bottoms straight the rest follows quite simply.

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In the corporate business place if denim is permitted, go for the jeans and compliment the look with a casual blazer and a pair of sport inspired dress shoes. This means look for cotton and stretch fabrications in a jacket that can be styled nicely atop an Oxford button down and find a pair of dress shoes with a rubber sole. We recommend upping the ante of the jean look with a necktie, especially if Monday through Thursday requires a suit. For the least formal crowd you may disregard the topic of a tie altogether. For those somewhere in between formal and casual, consider keeping a tie in a desk drawer in the event of an unexpected meeting. 

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In terms of belts, a dress belt always creates a bridge between more casual pants like jeans and a business casual jacket like the blazer pictured above. However, denim belts are perfectly acceptable and preferably styled with chinos and jeans when worn without a blazer or sweater and styled more relaxed with a crew neck tee, bomber or denim jacket. Regardless of whether a dress or denim belt is of choice, don’t forget to keep both the belt and shoes within the same color family. Think shades of brown and tan styled together or all black. Blues and grays easily go well with brown and black color stories, too.

If your work place regularly errs on the relaxed side, consider a bold dress down statement with a denim jacket in place of a blazer. Most conservative business places won't allow for a jean jacket or full Canadian tuxedo nonetheless. However, in the company of a creative crowd you may find yourself swimming in a pool of compliments. After all, a dress down Friday is a great opportunity to dress yourself, feel comfortable and have some fun with fashion.

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