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A Day In The Life Of A Wallet

A Day In The Life Of A Wallet

A day in the life of a wallet as told by the dearborn bifold wallet with removable money clip. Cared for by a young 30 something year old engineer that lives/works in Miami.

6:00 AM: Good Morning! Complete darkness, but finally off of the entryway table. Not for long, then into more darkness within the front pocket of yet again, another pair of casual cotton chinos.

6:02 AM: In the pocket for only a couple of minutes before being lightly tossed into the front console of Zach's car. The next hour will be spent beside the usual can of Coca-Cola + car keys. Still dark, but on the move and driving.

6:45 AM: Still sitting beside the cup holder and Coke. Decent views of Miami once sun comes up.

7:15 AM: Views end. Pit stop for gas and then into the pocket just before entering the building.

7:20-8:30 AM : Remain sitting on desk while Zach emails away.

8:30 AM - 1:00 PM: Emails and phone calls for the early morning are complete. Back into the pant pocket and on the road for morning meetings. The change up between the front console of car + front pocket of pants continues for hours. Quite exhausting.

1:00 PM : Lunch time. Today I unload a credit card briefly for a ciabatta sandwich. Then back to the office and onto the work desk again.

1:15 - 3:00 PM : The work desk it is for the next couple hours.

3:00 - 3:15 PM : Back on the road for more meetings. Quick stop for Starbucks. Apparently, someone needs a coffee.

3:15-5:45 PM : More back and forth to meetings.

6:00 PM : Back at the office + out of the car. Placed into a bag. Remain in the bag for a couple more hours.

7:00 PM : Bag is moving and now placed back into car.

8:15 PM : Arriving to final destination of the day - home. Out of the bag and onto the entryway table beside some of the usuals. Should stay here until tomorrow morning.

8:45 PM : Too quick to call it a night. Takeout is now involved. Some of my insides are removed for a few moments. Money clip is returned a few dollars short. Now, it's officially the end of a good, long day.

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