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5 Ways To Refresh Your Look In The New Year

5 Ways To Refresh Your Look In The New Year

  Start the New Year off on the right foot. Change it up + step it up to refresh your style in 2020. 

The first battle to stepping up and refreshing your look is stepping out of the box. Take a risk that you have yet to take. Maybe it’s something as simple as trying out a tote bag rather than a backpack. Maybe it means you put on a tie every once in a while, not always, but on that special occasion when you know your other half would appreciate it. Little details do get noticed and that’s the subtle difference that will regenerate your basic look.

Consciously coordinate your style choices. We all want to be known as the guy that does it effortlessly, but realistically that’s not the case for all of us. In the New Year, it’s time to course correct and purposefully think through a few common areas in an outfit that can make or break your look. Do your socks balance well with the color or patterns in your shirt and tie? Does your belt color + leather match with your shoes? Tip: The belt does not have to be the same tone of brown as shoes, but within the same brown family will do. Colors like navy, olive, and burgundy also pair great with browns or with gray and black, too. Does the metal on your belt buckle, timepiece  and shoe hardware all coordinate? Tip: It’s best to stick to all nickel, silver or gold, brass finishes all around. Then, there’s this thing called fit. Does your shirt, shirt collar, pants, + belt all fit? If your top is slim fit, the bottoms are likely better to be trim as well, same as your tie width. On the other hand, style also commonly abides by the rule that opposites attract. This rule applies to areas of coordinating pattern and accessorizing your look. If you wear a bold shirt, calm down the neckwear and wear toned down pants and accessories to create balance. If you wear a few bracelets, then consider forgoing any other jewelry aside from an everyday watch. No necklace needed.

Go for some color in your wardrobe. If you wear color already, that’s great! Do you wear color in your accessories or just your t-shirts? Try out a burgundy or navy belt. Piece in a colored bracelet along with a neutral brown + tan bracelet. A bright accent in your sneakers or hat is a great place to include color without looking like a clown or creating a bigger statement than you desire. If adding color to your look is a foreign thing to you, start out small and get comfortable with it. If all black is your uniform, start filtering in grays first, then olive, burgundy, and work your way into the spectrum.

Change it up, but don’t change your look. After all, people like you for who you are and no-one else. Try changing up a few things here and there to update the old. If you tend to wear leather dress shoes with your chinos, swap them out for a pair of leather sneakers. If you usually wear a t-shirt and a cardigan, swap out the cardigan for a bomber jacket. Only wear crew neck tees, how about a slight v-neck? Subtle changes go noticed and will make a refreshing difference in your everyday.

Treat yourself. New year - same you, but with a refreshed look and a brand new addition to your wardrobe you’ll be feeling like an even better version of yourself. Old is good, but sometimes brand new is the factor you need to feel revitalized + energized. Investing in a new version of your current favorite everyday item like a wallet or belt is just what you need. Chances are, you’ve been wearing the same one for years and you’re ready for a new one, anyhow. If you’ve updated on the essentials already, treat yourself to something different like a travel accessory for an upcoming trip. If you have it all, then treat your four legged friend to a new leather dog collar. There’s nothing that says stylish more than completing your look all the way down to your dog.

Happy New Year! 

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