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One Belt, Three Ways

One Belt, Three Ways

A well constructed and classic belt can make all the difference in completing a variety of looks. When it comes to business casual attire, weekend hang outs at the brewery, or cousin Danny's cookout, we want to share how effortless it can be to slip on your favorite belt and get dressed for wherever you're headed. All it takes is one belt styled three ways to exemplify the infinite ways your wardrobe can expand. Our addison suede navy blue belt, complete with roller buckle is a stand-out style, though simplistic + versatile enough to work it's magic accompanied by many different pant constructions, shoe options + more. 

Use our styling plan as a jumping off point for what lives within your current wardrobe. Feel free to swap belt colors and strap materials based on the notes for each individualized look represented below.

Look 1

Checks Neutral = basic khaki pants + favorite check button down + neutral colored suede sneakers + d+h kinzie bracelet set + d+h addison twill baseball cap  

Head to toe look can also be styled with other blue/navy or shades of brown/tan dress casual or casual denim belts made of leather, suede or fabric materials.

Look 2:  

Black + Blue = medium blue tone button down shirt + navy pants + dark leather sneakers (black or blue) + navy jacket for layering

Head to toe look can also be styled with other blue/navy or black dress casual or denim casual leather or suede belts.

Look 3: 

Fresh + Denim = crisp white t-shirt + jeans + white sneakers + d+h addison twill baseball cap

Head to toe look can also be paired with other blue/navy, gray/black or tan/brown casual denim belts made of leather, suede or fabric materials.


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